Commercial Photography Prices

$15 – $30 Per Item/Shot

We shoot product shots as isolations on white so that it can easily blend into the white pages of a catalog or e-commerce website. The white background also makes it easy for graphic designers to cut out if needed. We have developed methods that cut down on post production to achieve this resulting in fast turn around and cheaper prices.

Project Based on $100 Per Hour

We have a well equipped studio to put together a set to showcase your product and a good relationship with models to get you a good deal. Our post production team will also handle high end retouching to make sure your images are well polished and looks like its from a high budget shoot. Contact us with your project scope for a quote.

Pre-Made Images on a Budget

If you need some lifestyle shots or other pre-made commercial images on a budget you may want to consider shopping at our stock libraries. Since these are generic they will not be branded, however these are good lifestyle images you can add to your website or catalog without having to commission a photoshoot for it.
You can browse our libraries through these agencies:

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How Can Our Photography Help Your Brand?

Through innovative techniques, workflow and relationships, we can offer affordable services for your small or medium sized business that are usually reserved for big budget projects.  We can give your business an edge by producing top notch marketing materials at a fraction of the cost.

Our technical knowledge of lighting enables us to showcase your product as accurately as possible.  We specialize in showing of material textures and details and we have developed a workflow that enables us to have a speedy turn around.  This also keeps the prices low so our services are adequately suited for small and medium sized business.  We have also developed relationships with models and studios that allow us to put together advertising and promo projects that would otherwise be hard to do on a budget.

We strive to make sure our services are affordable and yet give you the best quality wheather you need catalog shots isolated on white background or more intricate advertising and promo shots.

We have experience in varied industries, here are samples of commissioned projects:

  • LA based Voom – runway fashion photography
  • Wow City – real estate photography
  • Tidal Wave Restaurant – food photography
  • Super In Shoes (Also Branded Medusa, Ragazzi) – product photography for catalog and advertising
  • VegNews – Lifestyle Ad/product advertising shot
  • JuJin Packaging (Coach and other large brand packaging)- product photography for catalogs
  • Interfoto Productions (several brands including Costco) – photography assistant and high end retouching
  • Immergent (Big Phat Band, Jo De La Rosa) – photography and art work for cd and one sheets.
  • La Fond Films – Movie promo
  • And Many other clients including indie film production studios, book covers, cd covers, local LA based fashion designers… etc

Thousands of Images Under Our Belt!

We are not limited to commissioned projects. We are always shooting and this work ethic has honed our workflow and techniques. Innovated Captures has produced over 6 thousand pre-made commercial stock photos (generic non-branded photos for universal commercial use) for large stock image agencies. Click the links below to visit the galleries:

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