About Us

Mel Canlas

Lead Photographer and Business Owner

Photography has always been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember.  My introduction to professional photography was through a mentor, world renowned Ognan Borissov, commercial photographer, owner of Interfoto Productions.  I worked as an assistant photographer learning about lighting and high end post production.  I applied the acquired knowledge and experience to my own photography taking on several clients of different industries from music industry to entertainment casting.  Then I discovered the stock photography industry, and that is what shaped my “innovated” workflow.  This is why I named the business Innovated Captures – creating images through innovation.  I tend to approach the business with a technical angle – using technological knowledge for the most efficient workflows combined with a personal artistic vision

Stock photography at the time I got into it was (and is) over saturated and generic.  To those who are not familiar with stock photography, it is pre-made commercial or editorial images from companies such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, among others. These stock libraries are massive with catalogs in the 100 million.  Through experience, I have learned that to make a living in this industry now, the key is niche and volume.  In this industry is where I developed a workflow of how to create and process high volume images but make it marketable by setting it apart via quality and uniqueness.  As of this writing Innovated Captures has developed a library of over 7 thousand images marketed online with clients ranging from bloggers like Buzz Feed, Forbes to cable TV shows like John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.

The workflow developed through this high paced, high volume work environment and experience from several industries is what shaped Innovated Captures.  Our images tend to have a high production commercial look but because of the efficient workflow, we are able to execute it on a budget, thus keeping our prices affordable.  Our clients tend to be people looking for a niche look and so we have expanded from Commercial Photography to include and apply this “commercial look” to other industries such as Actor Headshot Photography and Wedding and Engagement Photography within the Los Angeles area.

Meet The Photography/Videography Team

Aleksandra Kulig

Director and Cinematographer

MFA and BFA graduate of Chapman University, Aleksandra is the talented director of this team.  While I focus on technical direction, Aleksandra focuses on the artistic direction.  Together we make a cohesive team that produces stunning artistic images with the technical crispness of a commercial image.  She is great with working with multiple people in a time crunched setting such as the wedding formals.  Her background in wedding video and experimental films gives her the perfect insight into making artistic choices with an open mind.

Chris Dino

2nd Shooter and Grip

Strobist extraordinaire.  Chris’s photography tends to favor using strobes mixed with natural light.  This technical approach leads to the production of unique outdoor images that look like it was produced in studio.  Why use strobes when there is natural light available? Simple, you are hiring us to produce images that point and shoot cannot accomplish (see our portfolio).  During engagement shoots he can often be seen as grip and lighting.  During wedding event coverage he is often the second shooter of the team.

Nuc Marcelo

Lead Photographer

As another photography business owner, Nuc is well versed with the workflow and acts as another lead photographer when we are on separate gigs.  His background is in photographing couples in studio and out and has traveled around the world to work with known models.  His style ranges from budoir to fashion.  Nuc shares the same passion for the “commercial look”  that is Innovated Captures and applies this style to either fashion photography or wedding and engagements.

Lenny Buan

2nd Shooter and Landscape Photographer

The “Zen” photographer.  His background working with nature puts him “in the moment” which makes him perfect for documentary style.  He tends to favor working with natural light to keep a documentary look but puts an artistic twist with creative compositions.  On engagements sessions he acts as a location scout and as a documentary second shooter in wedding events.  Aside from Innovated Captures gigs he is an established landscape photographer.  You can buy his work at Red Bubble.

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